RealityTech projets.


RealityTech is a company dedicated to Augmented Reality solutions. We build our own software and hardware and share most of our work through open source software, open hardware and contributions to existing projects.

Touch in papart.


(Paper Augmented Reality Toolkit)

PapARt enable the creation of interactive projection applications. It is the framework we develop, use and maintain. The main features are the tracking of markers (via ARToolkitPlus), natural features (via JavaCV), augmented reality rendering (using Processing), and multi-touch tracking.

Processing logo.

Highlight: Processing

Processing is an open source programming environment dedicated to create interactive applications. Processing enables fast prototyping of applications and brings an easy integration of java libraries like PapARt and JavaCV. It is also a large community of artists and engineers both amateurs and profesionnals.

Processing logo.

Highlight: JavaCV

JavaCV is an open source project that ease the use of native OpenCV in Java. It is a user layer on top on JavaCPP-presets for OpenCV. JavaCV, and other Java bindings are used in PapARt to use fast native code to handle image processing and camera drivers.

PapARt - Paper Augmented Reality Toolkit

PapARt is in active development, and it will evolve to better fit its uses. For now it handles many different tasks:

The library is available on github and available for free, distributed under the LGPL and CeCILL-C licences.

PapARt was initially a reseach project from Bordeaux University and Inria.

Processing libraries

Skatolo GUI library.

Skatolo is a fork of ControlP5. We repackaged the code and reworked the pointer system to enable multi-touch inputs. We add dedicated widgets and controllers for our apps and for Augmented Reality.

Skatolo also comes with JRubyArt bindings and as a ruby gem. The great work done in ControlP5 can be experienced in a more interactive way in ruby. With this it is possible to create GUI elements in presentations in Soby.

SVGExtended, font and embedded support for SVG in Processing.

Processing is capable to display .svg images. However its support is limited in performance and capabilities. We did not work on performance but we extendend the support to enable the rendering of text and embedded images in svg files.

This is notably used to render svg presentations in Soby described below.

Experimental programs

This is a list of experimental projects, mostly made as personal projects

Presention software: Soby

Soby was inspired by Prezi and Sozi. It is a planar (pan/zoom) presentation software. The presentations are created with Inkscape, animated with a plugin from Sozi and displayed through Processing.

It is an experimental project which enables to mix creative coding and presention softwares.

Soby is in Ruby, and uses JRubyArt.


Java bindings in JavaCPP Presets

We created java bindings for C++ libraries.

Stable presets:

Unstable presets

Robus in ruby.

Robus is a robotics framework from Pollen Robotics. We created an experimental version of Robus in Ruby to make it work in JRubyArt.