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Skatolo library

A fork of ControlP5 for multi-Touch and Augmented Reality.


Skatolo is fork of ControlP5. If you just want to create graphical user interfaces for Processing please use the original library.

Multi-touch input: you can feed "pointers" from your own sources to the library.

Hovering buttons: buttons to use without the possiblity to click.

New widget: PixelSelect to pick a point in the window.

Skatolo is a GUI library for Processing, forked from ControlP5

Why a fork ?

ControlP5 is an old but still maintained library. We wanted to develop new features for it such as multi-touch support or support in Ruby, to do so understanding the code and upgrading to our coding standards required some work.

What is the difference ?

This library is for an advanced use of ControlP5, it is not as convenient to use. It is a part of a research and development project involving multi-touch, augmented reality and Ruby.

Please use the original library in your projects if you are not sure which one to use.

Why Skatolo ?

Skatolo means “box” in esperanto. The main purpose of is this for is to develop a GUI library for multi-touch and special inputs, and for JRubyArt. As ControlP5 is a very convenient and good library, it was natural to use it as a base.


New widgets

PixelSelect - Select a pixel in the screen.

Controllers for Multi-touch